India Week Hamburg | Hamburg Senate Chancellery

Your first point of contact in Hamburg: The Hamburg Welcome Center

The Hamburg Welcome Center is supposed to be the first point of contact for many foreign residents in Hamburg for issues related to visa, city registration, tax enrolment and so on. And yet, not many are aware of the various other services offered by the Center to foreign workers and their families. In this article, Sanika Diwanji explores the role of the Hamburg Welcome Center along with their lesser known offerings.

India Week Hamburg

Every two years, the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg hosts a week-long event to promote the bilateral relations between Germany and India. As the media coordinator for the event, my role and responsibilities included planning and maintaining press relations with German and Indian media, designing a thorough communications plan in compliance with the Hamburg Senate guidelines, and maintaining content for the website, publicity brochures and press releases.

Data Stories

Internet Freedom in India | Data Story | Statista

In 2012, the United Nations Human Rights Council declared internet a human right. This included the right to internet access, freedom of information, privacy and digital rights that are fundamental in upholding liberal democratic values. However, the degree of internet freedom that ordinary citizens experience depends widely on governments in their respective countries across the world. India was given 55 points out of 100 in 2019, as a country with partial internet freedom.

Pharmaceutical industry in India | Data Story | Statista

As a leading producer of cost-effective and quality-controlled generic drugs, India supplies around 20 percent of the global pharmaceuticals demand in terms of volume. In fact, the Indian healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector was one of the fastest growing in the world and was expected to grow by a whopping 754 percent between 2017 and 2060. Generic drugs have traditionally been India’s stronghold and contributed over 70 percent to the overall market revenue in 2018 alone.

Fintech in India | Data Story | Statista

The global banking landscape has seen seismic shifts in the last decade with the emergence of digital payments, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and more. As a country with the second largest population of internet users, India has been quick to adopt to this world of financial technology. According to recent reports, India and China were the global leaders in consumer fintech adoption with an 87 percent adoption rate, compared to the global average of around 64 percent in 2019.

Banking Industry in India | Statista

Banking in India is considered a fairly mature and stable sector in terms of credit, market and liquidity risk. Indian banks are considered to be dependent, relative to other banks in comparable economies in the region while also being generally resilient to global economic downturns. This focused topic page gives an overview of India's banking industry, with some key statistics on the public, private and foreign banks in the country. In addition, a focus on the government's financial inclusion program - Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana's has also been added.

Jutland Station | Denmark

SPOT talks rock 'n' politics

The concluding day of SPOT Festival 2017 brought together three renowned music commentators for a talk on rock and politics. As we get back to routine lives and shake off the SPOT hangover, one can’t help but marvel at the capacity music has to energise and unite people. While music has always garnered a special place in society to bring people together, it is also a powerful tool of expression, and for taking a break from the mundane.

Jazz is not dead... It's alive and kicking in Aarhus!

Jazz is not dead… It’s alive and kicking in Aarhus! On March 9th, jazz lovers in Aarhus were in for a treat when, as part of the Århundredets Festival, the renowned Aarhus Jazz Orchestra played a heady concoction of jazz through history. Curated by Rasmus Rosenørn, a doctorate and music historian with a special forte in Jazz, the event titled ‘Jazz is Not Dead’ was a stimulating journey through the history of jazz in Denmark.

Politics, Culture & More

The 'Veterunners' of Pune

“You don’t stop running because you get old; you get old because you stop running” states Christopher McDougall in his legendary book ‘Born to Run’. Don’t we all remember how easily and naturally running came to us as kids? The sensation of the cool wind on your burning cheeks after an exhilarating run is an unparalleled feeling. Evident as it is, running is not an age-defined activity. Humans are, in the words of the author quoted above, naturally “Born to Run”. This article introduces our readers to some of the veteran pacers in Pune and what motivates them to go the distance.

Pune on a Roll

In the spirit of celebrating independent thought, it becomes important to introduce you to Raju Dabhade, a self-made man who has put Pune’s name on the global map by inventing a new sport- Roll Ball. It is not an everyday occurrence that a new sport is invented. And it is even more singular to note when the game is invented by a Punekar himself. Raju Dabhade, a physical education and sports teacher at the MES Bal Shikshan Mandir English Medium School in Pune talks to Sanika Diwanji about his journey in the field of sports and education.

The Story of a Protest

If you have passed Law College road in Pune recently, you certainly must have noticed the big question mark and other signs put up outside the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The FTII imbroglio, which has received much media attention since it began on June 12th, is still unclear for many. The students of the prominent institute have thus taken help of the medium they know best and made a short film clarifying the issue and explain their standpoint to the uninitiated. After exhau