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The mirror rosy before

is growing

and now are seen visibly

cracks which tore

from the edges, inward

As the mirror saw more,

it was exposed and feebly

it continued reflecting

even though it was deeply sore!

It reflected beauty

in younger days

the ethereal optimism

but all it see's now is

diffident pessimism.

The pressures of the world

cracked it,

smoked it,

drowned it

cobwebs gathered 'round it

and it sulked further...

Defending its state

inwardly it waited to

reflect sun rays

which were difficult to find.

It continued brooding


till it looked beyond

and saw the effects of

what it reflected on

people surround.

It shook and

it gave up

the miserable gloom.

Deciding on happiness

it found light dawn

and the goodness

itself as God.