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The Ecstasy of Aurora

Deep blue runs the sky

Speckled with stars,

As bright as the twinkle in her eye.

As the shadows grow long and high,

A soft flurry of clouds goes by,

And lo! A strange smoke, it comes nigh.

A wisp, a strand, a glimmering dream,

A blazing glory, she sweeps across.

Iridescent and irresistible glowed her green gown,

As the amber sky rolled the carpets down

Milky was the well she drank

In love and merriment she sank.

Her stage was set,

Her show began…

She toed the gates of heaven,

She paused and swirled…

A lingering smile on her cheek curled.

As she danced across the vast sky

Fluid rainbows fluttered by

Pink, purple, green and gold

A sea of lights gushed in the cold.

Trailing her robe of dancing flames,

Her audience, in stupor stayed.

The joyous queen, she came and went

Short-lived but forever she stayed.

Lucky be the ones to find such a joy,

Smitten by the ecstasy of Aurora, in peace I lie.